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A routine traffic stop on Interstate 20 in Tyler, Texas uncovered a major marijuana trafficking operation bringing nearly 1,000 pounds of cannabis and a cache of THC vape cartridges from California to Georgia.

According to KLTV News, 51-year-old Joe Huang was driving in an RV camper van with his wife when a Smith County Sheriff’s officer pulled the vehicle over. In a statement made after the bud bust, Sheriff Larry Smith said that officers had probable cause for the stop, but did not note a specific infraction. 

Once officers opened up the recreational vehicle though, they found a lot more than supplies for a cross-country family vacation. Instead, police discovered exactly 976 pounds of perfectly vacuum-sealed pot, along with an unspecified amount of cannabis vape cartridges labeled to contain 89-93% THC. 

During the bust, cops unloaded the contraband out of the RV directly onto the pavement, stacking up a hefty pile of leafy green bricks for a dramatic photo opportunity. Like most major cross-country thoroughfares, law enforcement officers who police Interstate-20 have reported an uptick in cannabis trafficking stops in the years.

After the RV-load of weed was tallied and taken into custody, police arrested Huang on counts of interstate drug trafficking. Huang’s wife was allowed to leave the scene without criminal charges, but local cops have not ruled out a co-conspirator indictment down the road. Huang is currently being held on $100,000 bail. 

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