One could say that White Ryder’s buds are a mirror version of White Widow. Each are close to looking white, coated thickly in sugary trichomes. Both are also potent with Ryder exhibiting up to 24% THC. If any, the major difference between the two are its genes. The latter is Sativa-leaning while the former is predominantly Indica.

Another distinction is its auto-flowering nature. Unlike the photoperiodic White Widow, White Ryder has an independent light cycle. It is also easy to grow due to its sturdiness and high resistance to certain plant problems.

There are also its effects. White Ryder has a more body-centered high that has stress-crushing comfort at its heart. It soothes the mind and calms worries while also soothing the physique with its comforting massage. Users could use the bud recreationally or as a source of therapeutic relief.

In developing White Ryder, Riot Seeds had White Dwarf and Lowryder in mind. The former gains its name from its pure white speckles which give it the appearance of a star. Meanwhile, the latter is a stout strain with medicinal and cerebral effects. The two are auto-flowering strains.

Information About White Ryder Strain

ORIGIN White Dwarf and Lowryder
FRAGRANCE Earthy, woody, spicy, herbal, fruity
FLAVORS Herbal, fruity, sweet, spicy, woody, earthy
FLOWERING TIME INDOOR 8 to 12 from seed to harvest
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOOR 8 to 12 from seed to harvest
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 12 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Cool or temperate climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Like a true blue Indica, DJ Smoke has a heavy-hitting high
that centers around the body. This is not to say that it is completely devoid
of a cerebral buzz. Rather than an intense head slam, it is a gentle euphoria
that bides its time as it slowly swarms the mind.

White Ryder Strain Effects
White Ryder Strain Effects

A change in one’s disposition is visible during the onset.
15 to 20 minutes after the first two or three puffs, the initial buzz turns the
mood around and leaves users feeling happy. One could use it with friends as a
recreational smoke or alone as a way to de-stress.

After about an hour or two, a tingling sensation ebbs down from the temples. Passing through the back of the neck, it makes its way down to the lower extremities like a wave of relaxation. It kneads the muscles free of tension and tightness, bringing back an initial limberness.

While it does have impressive wake and bake qualities, DJ Smoke is best used at night. Its comedown is a sedating buzz that settles into the limbs as it intensifies over time. In all likelihood, users will find themselves falling fast asleep without knowing it.

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White Ryder has an unmistakable earthy aroma with dashes of wood and spice. Complementing its herbal undertones and fruity overtones that intensify after breaking apart or combusting the buds.


Enthralling the senses is a blend of herbs and fruit. It coats the palate and leaves a tinge of sweet spice. On the exhale, an aftertaste of freshly uprooted wood with hints of wet soil takes over.

Adverse reactions

The typical dry eyes and cottonmouth can be expected from White Ryder. It has moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids, after all. It is usually mild, but users may still manage the arid spell by staying hydrated. A greater cause for concern is greening out, a condition brought about by overconsumption. It is characterized by dizziness anxiety, and a subtle feeling of paranoia. Pacing and moderation are the key to keeping the high pleasant.


White Ryder’s body-centered high goes beyond inducing an enjoyable laziness. It also has potent analgesic effects that help appease a wide variety of aches and pains. Patients could use it as a natural alternative to OTC painkillers. The Indica-leaning bud has far fewer and less alarming side effects too.

White Ryder Strain Medical
White Ryder Strain Medical

Apart from its physical benefits, White Ryder also brings calm to the chronically stressed and the psychologically distressed. It soothes the mind by eliminating worries, calming the overwhelming dread, as well as shushing self-depreciating thoughts. In its place, not only is there a confidence but also a sense of inner calm. As such, users could also use it to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

The intense wave of relaxation eventually turns into a heaviness that settles in the limbs. It lulls users to a deep sleep, weighing the body down to a comfortable spot. Patients suffering from insomnia will find comfort in the strain’s sedating properties which not only tuck one to bed earlier, but also improve the quality and quantity of sleep.


The product of two
auto-flowering strains, it should come as no surprise that White Ryder turned
out the same way. It is a sturdy plant that does not rely on external factors
like lighting, temperature, and humidity to complete a full cycle between seed
to harvest. Not to mention, it has excellent immunity against common pests and

White Ryder Strain Growing
White Ryder Strain Growing

White Ryder flourishes in just about any environment that it finds itself. If any, aspiring growers only need to worry of the plant being disturbed by outsiders. As such, strategically cultivating the plant in an area that is secluded while also having access to life-support necessities.

Fairly easy to maintain, White Ryder barely has any special needs. But it would benefit from a Sea of Green setup which that it further shortens the vegetative phase without affecting yields. It is also non-invasive which means the plant does not need to suffer from stress.

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Flowering Time

From seed to harvest, it takes White Ryder 8 weeks at minimum. Growers are advised to extend the growing phase up to 12 weeks for better bud production. Once harvest comes, it produces between 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.


The auto-flowering strain takes the same amount of time to fully bloom. Buds are ready around the eighth week but extending the blossoming phase to 10 to 12 weeks will help White Ryder grow vigorously. Regardless, growers can expect at least 12 ounces of buds per plant.

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