Tomorrow is our free webinar discussing the USDA’s interim hemp rules released on October 29th and published in the Federal Register on Halloween. The new rules may seem intimidating (spooky even given the publishing date), but a thorough understanding is crucial for anyone with a vested interest in the hemp and CBD industries for the foreseeable future. The rules provide clarity regarding hemp cultivation and production, but ambiguities remain. To understand the meaning, impact, and consequences of these changes, join attorneys Daniel Shortt and Nathalie Bougenies tomorrow, Thursday, November 14, at 12:00 PM PST.

The agenda for tomorrow will include:

  1. THC Testing
  2. Interstate Transport
  3. State and federal licensing
  4. Immediate legal impacts on hemp farmers
  5. Ambiguities in the regulations and areas of concern
  6. Steps for hemp farmers to take now to best prepare for compliance with the interim rules once they’re finalized
  7. The effect of the USDA regulations on hemp-CBD and hemp-derived products

We encourage you to register here prior to the webinar if interested. Those who are not able to attend live, but still sign up, will receive a copy of the webinar following the presentation.